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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Coaching for high level executives who want to excel as a team.

ABOUT illuminate leadership coaching & training

Illuminate Leadership Training and Coaching invites you to take your team to the next level.  Offering objective energetic assessments for individuals and teams, executive action-forwarding coaching, and transformative group based awareness training, Illuminate supports you and your team in moving through challenges toward greater satisfaction, success and overall effectiveness.


While Illuminate focuses on corporate effectiveness integration of the coaching and training, we work with leaders of all kinds who recognize their role in affecting the overall results of their team.  Those who lead by example and understand their energetic influence are prime candidates for the work that Illuminate offers.



Objective Testing

Executive Coaching

Group Based Awareness Training

The Energy Leadership Index (or ELI) is a proprietary assessment of energetic levels of consciousness.  Rated by Forbes as one of the top 10 assessments that every executive should take, the assessment provides insight into an individual's belief tendencies and how they often react or respond in certain situations.  Reviewing the results of this assessment allows for an effective starting point for areas of growth. 

Our coaches are trained through iPEC (International Professional Energy Coaches) and they do just that.  Following the energy or emotion to determine root cause, along with supporting the client in expressing and extracting their answers are fundamentals in Illuminate's coaching.  There is committed action in every session, supporting movement toward the defined goal and overarching outcome.

Following the work Illuminate does with the leader, as a united front, we can expand the energetic discoveries to your team.  Experiential based team exercises build trust, overall morale and safety to express.  Imagine an environment where effective ideas are free flowing and there is mutual respect for one another - the possibilities are endless.

meet your coach

Carrie-anne Arand
 CEO/Lead Coach

Carrie-anne recognized the gaps in punitive, disciplinary, and reactive methods with employees when she worked for several years in Human Resources.  Carrie-anne worked in healthcare, oil and gas and wellness sectors.   She knew there was a better way to build effectiveness in teams by connecting with one another and having open honest communication.  Her passion is serving others with coaching to shift their energy, discover new awareness, and take action on the basis of what they've learned.  She loves working with teams because sharing in growth experiences has a connective quality that is long standing.  Carrie-anne believes her life's purpose is to move herself and others through perceived limitations towards further connection with oneself and each other.  Her passion for working with teams stems from her interest in influencing many with this great work.


Carrie-anne also spends her time traveling, hiking, practicing and teaching yoga, facilitating retreats and momming to two busy young men.  

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